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Services for Holy Week and beyond
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Church News EMN-141009-150043001

March 23: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen; 10am-11.30am Mini Messy in Market Rasen Church Room; 7.30pm Compline and Reflection at Market Rasen.

March 24: BCP Communion at Market Rasen; 7.30pm Maundy Thursday Service at Market Rasen.

March 25: 11am United Witness in the Market Rasen market place; 2pm Good Friday Service at Market Rasen.

March 26: 10.30am - 11.30am Family Easter Service at Market Rasen; 7.30pm Easter Vigil at Market Rasen.

Easter Sunday: 8am BCP Communion at Market Rasen; 10am Communion at Market Rasen; 6.30pm Evensong at Lissington.

March 31: 9.30am BCP Communion at Market Rasen.

Market Rasen Catholic Church

Maundy Thursday: 7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper at Holy Rood; 10pm Night Prayer at Holy Rood.

Good Friday: 10am Stations of the Cross at St Thomas More, Caistor; 3pm Passion of the Lord at Holy Rood; 7pm Stations of the Cross at Holy Rood.

March 26: 7.30pm Easter Vigil at Holy Rood.

Easter Sunday: 9.15am Mass at St Thomas More, caistor; 11am Mass at Holy Rood.

For more details contact Fr Robert Thacker on 01673 842323.

Market Rasen and Caistor

Methodist Circuit

Easter Day

Binbrook: 10.30am Dr Don Owen.

Caistor: 8.30am and 10.15am the Rev Sarah Parkin; 6pm the Rev Syd Andrew.

Glentham: 8.45am Breakfast; 9.30am Peter Atkinson.

Market Rasen: 10.45am Communion, the Rev Anne Coates.

Middle Rasen: 9am Communion, the Rev Anne Coates; 6pm Circuit Communion.

Nettleton: 2.30pm the Rev Preb Dr Michael Sheard.

North Kelsey: 10.45am Communion, the Rev Sarah Parkin.

The Salvation Army

10.30am Morning Worship; 5.30pm Evening Fellowship, informal meeting, followed by a cup of tea.

Market Rasen New Life

Good Friday: 11am Around the Cross.

Easter Sunday: 10.30am for 10.45am start All Age Service.

For more details call: 01673 849941.

Middle Rasen Group

March 23: 9.30am BCP Communion at Middle Rasen.

March 24: 7pm Communion and Watch to 9pm, at Middle Rasen.

Good Friday: 11am at Market Rasen Market Place; 1pm - 1.15pm Start of Pilgrimage at Friesthorpe; 2pm - 3pm Last Hour at Middle Rasen; 3pm - 3.30pm End of Pilgrimage at Faldingworth.

Easter Sunday: 9am Communion at Friesthorpe; 10.30am Family Communion at Middle Rasen; 11am All Age Worship at Faldingworth; 3pm Communion at Newton by Toft.

March 30: 9.30am Service at Middle Rasen.


8am Holy Communion; 10.15am Communion; 6pm Evensong.

Nettleton Parish Church

Easter Sunday: 10.30am Communion.

Walesby Group

March 23: 9.30am BCP Communion at Tealby; 6pm Stations of the Cross at Claxby.

March 24: 6pm Communion at Kirmond.

Good Friday: 2pm At the Foot of the Cross, at Tealby.

Easter Day: 6.30am First Light of Easter at Walesby Old Church; 9am Communion and Hymns at Stainton; 10.30am Family Communion at Walesby; 10.30am Methodist-led Service at Brookenby.

Kelsey Group

March 23: 7pm Compline and Address at Holton le Moor.

March 24: 7pm Communion at Kirkby cum Osgodby.

Good Friday: 3pm Prayer, Meditation and Hymns at Kingerby Church.

Holy Saturday: 8pm Lighting of the Easter Fire, Blessing of the Paschal Candle and Easter Exsultet at North Kelsey.

Easter Day: 8.30am Communion at North kelsey; 9.30am Communion at Holton le Moor; 11am Communion at Thornton le Moor; 3pm Communion at Usselby; 6pm Communion at South Kelsey.

Owmby Group

Maundy Thursday: 7pm The Last Supper and foot washing at Hackthorn.

Good Friday: 2pm Last Hour at Owmby.

Easter Day: 5.45am Easter Vigil, Easter Fire, Easter Light at Spridlington; 9.30am Communion at Saxby; 11am Family Service at Owmby; 6pm Evening Prayer at Glentham.

Waddingham Group with Kirton Lindsey

Good Friday: 10.30am Parishes Pilgrimage and Hot Cross buns at Kirton Lindsey and Grayingham.

Easter Day: 6am Dawn Service of Lights at Kirton Lindsey; 9am Family Communion at Grayingham; 9.30am Family Communion at Waddingham; 11am Parish Eucharist at Kirton Lindsey.

Binbrook Group

March 23: 10am Mass at Swinhope.

Maundy Thursday: 7.30pm Mass, Stripping of the Altars and Vigil until 9pm Compline.

Good Friday: 2pm The Passion, Veneration of the Cross and Mass of the Pre-sanctified at Binbrook.

Holy Saturday: 7.30pm Confessions; 8pm Lighting of the Paschal Candle, Renewal of Baptismal Vows and Blessing of the Font at Binbrook.

Easter Sunday: Solemn Mass - 8.45am Wold Newton, 10am Binbrook, 11.15am Ludford.

Barkwith Group

March 24: 9am Communion at East Barkwith.

Good Friday: 2pm - 3pm Last Hour at East Barkwith.

Easter Sunday: 10am Communion at Sixhills.

March 31: 9am Service at East Barkwith.

Wragby Group

Maundy Thursday: 7pm Sharing of an Agape meal at Wragby Methodist Church; 8pm - 10pm Silent Vigil at All Saints, Wragby.

Good Friday: 2pm Stations of the Cross at Wragby.

Easter Day: 6am Dawn Service of Easter Light at Rand; 9.30am Communion at Wragby.

Orthodox Christian Church

March 25: The Annunciation to our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos: 10.30am Divine Liturgy at St Aethelheard’s Orthodox Christian Church, as above.

Second Sunday of the Great Lent: 10.30am Divine Liturgy at St Aethelheard’s Orthodox Christian Church, East Chapel, Louth 
Cemetery, London Road, Louth LN11 9QP. All welcome.