Clowne: Cash giveaway to local charities

Small charities and good causes in Clowne could recieve a share of £150,000.
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Members of the public are being invited to nominate groups as part of the Yorkshire Building Society’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation has made the funds available, £1,000 for every year of business as part of its annual Make a Difference campaign.

Residents and shoppers in Clowne are being urged to call at the office on Mill Street and nominate a cause between 18th and 23rd August.

All nominated charities will be considered to receive a £100 share of the donation.

Jane Taylor-Davies, national agency manager at Yorkshire Building Society said: “We’re all really excited to get involved in the Society’s 150 year celebrations and to help our agencies be part of the £150,000 giveaway that could help benefit the local community is just brilliant.”

“The Make a Difference campaign is the Society’s opportunity to help some of the smaller causes that can often be overlooked for donations but to whom £100 could really have a positive effect.”

“I hope people will take a minute to call into their local agency.”