Clowne: Sick kids banned from their GP surgery

A Clowne family with two seriously ill sons are devastated after being banned from their doctors’ surgery.

Amanda and Christopher Brogan said they were living an ‘absolute nightmare’ after Killamarsh Medical Practice told them to find another GP closer to home.

Their ten-year-old son Harry, who does not have a stomach and suffers from a number of other life-threatening and complex illnesses, has been prescribed emergency medication from Sheffield Children’s Hospital – but this will only last for a month.

Mrs Brogan, 41, of Croft View, said: “No family, no child, should have to go through this absolute nightmare.”

“We pay our taxes but the NHS is failing us when we need it the most.

“We are worried sick.”

The family, who moved the five miles from Killamarsh to Clowne in 2008, has used the medical centre for the past seven years with no issues.

Mrs Brogan, whose second son Adam, 20, is battling leukemia after being diagnosed on Christmas Eve, said she ‘cannot affor’ to change surgeries for Harry’s sake.

She added: “I was fully confident that the doctor at Killamarsh was providing Harry with the best possible care. We won’t get that elsewhere. I want the best for my son.”

Mrs Brogan claimed the practice had not provided an explanation about why the family had been removed.

Hannah Belcher, contract manager for the North Midlands at NHS England, said: “GP practices are committed to ensuring the continuity of high-quality care for their patients.

“In order to maintain the high standard of care offered, occasionally they need to remove patients from their list, who have moved outside of their practice boundary area.

“Patients are always notified in advance to give them the adequate opportunity to register with a new practice.”

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