Clumber Park Hotel celebrates UK Coffee Week

Coffee is often considered unhealthy but with UK Coffee Week™ , two local businesses have teamed up to try and dispel some of the myths surrounding this often derided bean and show that making it your best bud, doesn’t have to be bad after all.

UK Coffee Week ™ is the nation’s biggest celebration of coffee and the Clumber Park Hotel and Spa, in conjunction with Satori Health, are keen to defend the world of exiled espresso and castigated cappuccino drinkers in honour of it.

Chris Barnacoat of South Wheatley-based Satori Health said research has actually shown that coffee drinkers live five years longer than non-coffee drinkers.

“It’s full of anti-oxidants, something which people have very few of, and those anti-oxidants are also of really great benefit to the pancreas. When consumed at the correct time, it can even improve athletic performance and increase work capacity,” he said.

Clumber Park Hotel and Spa sales manager Edward Mobbs said guests see coffee as a guilty pleasure they shouldn’t be indulging in.

“UK Coffee Week™ is not only a great way to help raise money for Project Waterfall, a charitable initiative delivering clean water projects in African coffee-producing countries, but also the perfect time to celebrate the health benefits of the much chastised coffee bean,” he said.

He added that it should be prepared in a certain way to reap the maximum health benefits which include a reduced risk of diabetes, improvement in mood, reduced risk of Parkinson’s Disease and prevention of cancer and Alzheimers.

“If possible, try and drink organic coffee and if you’re the one preparing it, the best way is to percolate with heavy pouring cream, as this slows down the release of caffeine,” he said.

“Alternatively, if you’re about to go to the gym or need a quick boost, simply have it black, as adding milk has shown to negate the anti-oxidant properties.”

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