Coffee ousts tea as builders favourite hot drink

What's your favourite hot drink? and how do YOU make a good brew?

In preparation for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning this week, staff at homebuilder, David Wilson Homes East Midlands are revealing their hot drink preferences and giving advice on how to make the best cuppa.

A new survey of David Wilson site managers confirmed that a good brew is an important part of the day.

However, coffee is now the preferred beverage of builders, with 48 per cent of staff who took part in the survey choosing it to start the day. Only two per cent of respondents opted for a fruit tea as their cuppa of choice.

They also revealed their top advice for making the best brew in time for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, which is when making tea to add the hot water first (65 per cent ) and then leave the tea bag in for between 30 seconds and a minute.

A resounding 62 per cent said this makes the very best tea.

Other tips include always using fresh water, stirring in both directions, squeezing the tea bag and sipping gently – with some even saying the secret to making a good brew is to do it with love and patience!

When it comes to what biscuit to have with the tea or coffee, the traditional choices of Chocolate Hobnob and Chocolate Digestives were the runaway favourites, with a whopping 43 per cent of respondents choosing one or other of them.

Only 1 per cent of site managers opted for the Jammie Dodger as their biscuit of choice.

There was also a clear winner when it comes to the critical question of whether to dunk or not – with 70 per cent opting to dunk.

John Reddington, Managing Director for David Wilson Homes East Midlands, said: “Our hard-working staff want to do something a little different on their tea break on Friday and holding a communal coffee morning is a great way to show our support for the valuable work being done by Macmillan Cancer Support.

“We want to help Macmillan raise as much money as they can to support those who are affected by cancer, and we encourage everyone to join in and do the same so that together we can make the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning even bigger and better than ever.”

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