College head retires

It was the end of an era at Worksop College this week as headmaster Roy Collard retired after 18 years.

To mark the occasion a portrait of him was hung in the main hall, alongside those of all the school’s other headmasters.

And unusually his last act as headmaster of the school will be to give his daughter away when she gets married in the college chapel this weekend.

“I have really enjoyed my time here and will miss this beautiful place,” said Roy.

“One of the things I shall miss is the local people. The people of Worksop are the kindest you will ever meet.”

“When you go into a shop people talk to you as if they are your friend even if they don’t know you. They are the most friendly, warm and resilient people I’ve met.”

He also had more than a few kind words for his students and staff.

“The staff here are wonderful. They are on duty until 11pm at night and you must love your job to be able to do that,” he said.

“The pupils are also fantastic and I miss them enormously. They are always looking to the future and always positive.”

“It is them that kept me going. They are the jewel in the crown of the school.”

But although he is retiring, Roy will not be sitting back and putting his feet up. He already has a long to do list, including resuming his own studies.

“I want to do a degree in the history of art and would love to get my German up to conservational level,” added Roy.

“It will be nice to have the time to focus on my education again after all these years.”