COLUMN: Here comes the sun...and the skin

You can see why there's a fascination with the weather in this country.

April ended with snow and biting frosts and a few days later we were basking in glorious sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s – hotter than places like Istanbul and Barcelona, which always gets the national Press excited.

It’s understandable that these extremes in such a short period spark such interest.

I love warm and sunny weather.

There’s no greater place on this planet than Britain when the sun shines and the mercury rises.

This country boasts some stunning scenery, some of which is on our own doorstep.

This country also boasts some less than stunning scenery when the sun comes out – also on our doorstep.

I think you all know what I am talking about?

Yes, acres of flesh for all to see – mainly men with their milky torsos on display and more likely than not a can of Carlsberg in their hand too. Classy.

Go into any park or town centre when the temperature edges above the dizzy heights of 20C and you’ll see for yourselves how Britain likes to get undressed for all the world to see.

Fair play to those who are comfortable with their own bodies, but what is our fascination with stripping off when the sun comes out?

Don’t get me wrong, we all like to take advantage of the rare occasion when the sun makes an appearance, but do we really need to get practically naked to enjoy it?

I’m no prude, I have been known to get my lilywhite knobbly-knees out too – and believe me it’s not a pretty sight.

But as soon as the temperatures rise, why is it that every man thinks they are David Beckham and gets their kit off?

Thank God the heatwave has ended, for now!

• Myself and Mrs Booker had a couple of near misses in Mansfield town centre on Friday afternoon – with mobility scooters.

One woman came hurtling past us in Market Place with not a care in the world, forcing us and fellow shoppers to take evasive action.

Then on Leeming Street, one “gentleman” thought the pavement was for his use only as he rode along on a machine which wouldn’t have looked out of place at Matlock Bath on a Sunday afternoon!

I have no problem with those who use mobility scooters – it’s the only way many can get out and about and I’m a former user of one myself, but at least I drove at a sensible speed and used words like “excuse me please” and “thank you” when I tried to get past pedestrians.

•Our Seeing Red column features in the Mansfield Chad every Wednesday.