COMMUNITY: Beckingham Gardener's Club

At their meeting on Monday, February 15, members welcomed their speaker Neil Timm, from The Fern Nursery, Market Rasen, who spoke about his life as a landscaper. He informed members how he went about designing a garden to take full advantage of the natural points of interest. He advised members to look at their gardens at different times of the day, to identify areas of shade, semi-shade and exposure to sunshine. Plants can then be selected that will thrive in particular environments. Neil's talk inspired many members, who couldn't wait to put his suggestions into practice.
Community events.Community events.
Community events.

The next meeting for the club is Monday, March 21, in the recreation room, Beckingham, when the speaker will be Will Murch from Ellicar House, Gringley on the Hill, who will be sharing with members his knowledge on rhododendrons and camellias.

For more information please contact Pat Hooton: Tel. 01427 890357.