COMMUNITY: Gainsborough Organ Society

The last concert in the current season will be held on Thursday, June 30, when appearing will be the number one Welsh Star, Ian Griffin, who will be making the long treck from Swansea.

He has appeared with the society on many occasions in the past, mostly with another top organist Richard Bower, who was with them last month.

Together, they toured the country with their stage name Keyclix and were renowned for asking the audience during the interval to write down their favourite tunes, and they played them all during the second half, without practice or music.

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Whilst they still appear in shows together, they have been given solo spots this time. Ian will no doubt be inviting requests as in the past.

He has his own band when performing in cabaret in the various night clubs, both producing shows and accompanying the club artists.

He has the very latest equipment for which he is freelance working for the top firms throughout the country, demonstrating the very latest equipment.

Usual venue, the Weston Rooms, Hickman Street, Gainsborough. Usual start time 7.30pm. Payment at the door. Everyone welcome.

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