COMMUNITY: Gainsborough Probus

On September 5, Rev Phaedra Pamphilon-Green was the speaker at the meeting in Morton village hall.
Community event.Community event.
Community event.

She spoke about her time in Jerusalem, when she was on a seven-week course at the Swedish Theological Institute. This was accompanied by her own photographs, as well as one of her poems.

During those seven weeks, apart from the study, Rev Phaedra was able to discover something of the present day life of this famous city.

In this wide-ranging talk the recent and ancient history of Israel was explained, to help members see how the geographical borders, particularly since 1945, have continually changed, all as part of the ongoing Israel/ Palestine disputes and conflict.

Inevitably this conflict is evident in the city, and they heard about the military reality, but also about the religious groups, daily life and culturally significant buildings and memorials. Mention was made of the Christian Jews who live in Jerusalem, as well as the famous sites – including the Church of the Nativity, and the Holy Sepulchre.

Rev Phaedra was also able to travel beyond the confines of Jerusalem, including the town of Hebron, so severely affected by the Palestinian problem.

Rev Phaedra gave us a taste of Jerusalem, old and new, while not ignoring, nor taking sides about, the political reality of Arab/ Israeli, Jewish / Islamic relations in the 21st century.