Community minded gym all set to re-open its doors 24/7

A local gym is set to become the first in the area, if not in the country, to go 24-hour when the lockdown roadmap allows it to reopen on April 12.

Lots of improvements have been done to Metheringham Gym during lockdown. EMN-210504-110450001

Postmen Grame Theodore, 42 and Ian Greaves, 52, are keen on fitness and have run Metheringham Gym for nearly two years. They have been working hard during the lockdown, investing around £20,000 money to improve the facility in many ways, from painting walls to adding a non-slip floor, as well as adding new equipment.

Now they want to be open on the site off Fen Road 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The pair explained: “Turning the gym to a 24/7 is part of our own pathway. We believe this will give the gym a very good chance of survival with the impact the pandemic has caused to the gym.

“We are a community gym and rely on gym members to fund the daily/monthly/yearly running. We have lost over 200 members during the pandemic, the loss of revenue will affect the gym. By altering to a 24/7 access, covid-safe gym we believe the extended hours will offer the community more opportunities to train, and help the gym financially.”

They had to reduce the gym hours prior lockdown to try and reduce cost, but are determined to pull through these rough times. “The gym relies on support and we certainly do need this right now,” they said.

Very much part of the community, they have sponsored the local Metheringham Gym football team, have donated afternoon tea to the Haven Care Home, raised funds for Metheringham Primary School and have a charity collection box for Metheringham Swimming Pool.

They said: “We have a fantastic team that work hard behind the scenes and at the gym to make the gym successful internally and externally. We are so proud of how far the gym has come over the last two years and we need the continued support of the public to be able Metheringham Gym to survive.”

A lot of work has been going into improvements at Metheringham Gym under lockdown. EMN-210504-152944001

The gym was opened in May 2019 by former Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley.

They have had support from their partners and children from day one too and have one employee, Jacob Parkinson, 19, and a helper, James Roulson.