COMMUNITY: Willingham by Stow Women's Institute

President Angela Borman opened the meeting held on May 5.

There was no speaker for the evening as the resolutions put forward concerning avoidance of food waste and care for dementia patients and their families were discussed.

Four members read the for and against points of both resolutions and a vote was held, the outcome of which will be put before the annual general meeting to be held in London.

Trade was brisk at the Enterprise Stall with members able to purchase items of WI merchandise.

The competition for a piece of floral china was won by Jean Bates with Sheila Worrell and Mary Shaw second and third.

Raffle prizes were won by Sheila Worrell, Ann Cook, Sue West (Spilsby WI) and Rosalyn Sneath.

The next meeting is on June 2, at 7.30pm with a talk and demo on Tai Chi by Elena Munns.