Cons book place in last eight of Town Knockout

Snooker EMN-180917-091447002Snooker EMN-180917-091447002
Snooker EMN-180917-091447002
The Team Knockout took centre stage as the Acorn Taxis Boston Snooker League returned to action.

Two Premier League sides did battle in the last 16 as Kirton 5 hosted Cons 6.

Ben Wrigglesworth (owe 14) gave Cons a healthy lead of 54 points as he beat Jamie Brinkley (rec 4).

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Chris Spencer (owe 14) extended Cons’s lead to 73 points as he edged past Steve Sharp (scratch).

Sam Hill (owe 10) made the difference 106 points as he battled to victory over Julian Furnell (owe 4).

Kirton did have something to smile about when Andy Bush (scratch) defeated Craig Lee (owe 17).

However, the points gap was too large and Cons 6 advanced to the next round with a final score of 485-394 in their favour.

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In a back and forth match, Division One’s BSC 12 knocked out Premier League Shods 3.

Alan Laws (rec 7) gave BSC the ideal start when he defeated Russ Snade (owe 7) by 92 points.

Shods’s Dan Collins (owe 7) reduced the deficit to 30 points as he overcame Laurence Brown (scratch).

Neil Morris (scratch) managed to extend BSC’s lead to 48 points as he scraped past Dick Crunkhorn (rec 7).

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Shods Jim Ely (scratch) went on last and defeated Graham Day (owe 4).

However, he could only claw back 17 of the 49 points needed for victory as BSC 12 progressed 442-409.

BSC 18, bottom of Division Two, hosted Division Two leaders BSC 7, and underdogs BSC 18 came out victors on the night.

Jamie Barnes (rec 10) edged BSC 18 in to a slender six-point lead after beating Kev Hirst (scratch).

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Graham Sharp (rec 10) extended the 18’s lead to 46 points with a routine victory over opponent Craig Churchman (rec 4).

Jimmy Birtwhistle (rec 18) then increased the lead to 107 points with an outstanding win over Chris Hirst (owe 7).

Jason Pocklington (owe 4) then comfortably defeated Andy Bird (rec 18).

However, the points gap was too large to close and BSC 18 progress to the next round 469-418.

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Highflying Premier League side BSC 10 sent out their strongest team as they defeated Division 2’s BSC 9 to advance to the quarter-finals.

Dan Burt (owe 24) gave BSC 10 a 38-point lead as he defeated Gav Hallgarth (rec 4).

Rick Ladds (owe 17) extended 10’s lead to 100 points with a straightforward win against Callum Simmons (scratch) and Liam South (rec 4) battled past Stephen Cock (rec 10) and increased the lead to 118 points.

Victory for 10 was sealed when Nathan Cock (scratch) conceded in the last frame against Carl Baily (owe 17) as the deficit was too large to reach.

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Donington 1 reached the quarter-finals with victory over BSC 11 in a high-scoring contest.

Josh Fell (owe 10) gave BSC 11 a 14-point lead with a slender win over Craig Fitter (owe 42).

Graham Cripsey (owe 42) put Dons in to the lead by 40 points, wth victory over Luke Arons (owe 10).

Stuart Atkin (owe 28) extended Dons’s lead to 63 points with a battling win over John Sharp (owe 10).

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Sean Swinburn (owe 32) sealed Donington’s win and safe passage,demolishing Manuel Figueirdo (owe 4) by 98 points, leaving Dons 1 victors by 161 points with a final score of 614-453.

Division One side Graves Park hosted Super League veterans BSC 2 in a crazy match.

Pete Grooby (owe 14) put BSC 2 in to a healthy lead as he defeated John Hodgson (rec 10) by 66 points.

Gary Charlton (Owe 14) extended the 2’s lead to 98 points with a close victory over Ged Hall (rec 10).

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Grant Marshall added 17 points to the 2’s lead with another close win over Martin Hodgson (owe 10).

With BSC 2 having a 115-point lead, Stuart Whitaker surely thought he had the game won, but John Clarke (rec 4) had other ideas, and nearly pulled off a miracle win for Graves Park as he destroyed Whitaker by 96 points.

BSC 2 eventually scraped through 509-487.

Defending champions Shods 20 advanced to the last 16 when BSC 8 forfeited their match due to a lack of players.

The contest between BSC 20 and Cons 5 is still to be played.

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