Conservative leader - Coun Kay Cutts

Conservatives keep their manifesto pledges. We have built a new library, new schools, refurbished Eastgate day centre and James Hince Court and raised educational standards to the highest ever. Worksop has had better investment in 4 years under the Conservatives than in 28 years under Labour. By saving on the running costs of the council we are now spending £35 million more on services to children and young people and £40 million more on services to vulnerable and older adults. We’ve done this whilst keeping council tax frozen for four years and we will continue to freeze it until at least 2016. As Tony Blair said, the Labour party have no new ideas and are becoming a party of protest. They promise to raise council tax by 3% every year and switch streetlights back on, costing you £1.5 million each year. They offer a return to a high council wage bill, high council tax and poor value services. If you want to improve your roads, build a new bus station, have new school halls, youth clubs, high speed broadband, more jobs, continuous improvement in education and quality care for old and vulnerable people without hitting your pocket, then vote Conservative.
Kay CuttsKay Cutts
Kay Cutts