Could Asda be back on the cards for the Louth Cattle Market site?

The mystery surrounding the future of Louth's Cattle Market site is still ongoing this week, amid claims that the site could become the home of an Asda store.
Louth Cattle Market.Louth Cattle Market.
Louth Cattle Market.

Multiple reliable sources have suggested that Asda has set its sights on the Cattle Market site, and a spokesman for the company said “we have no comment to make at this time” when approached by the Leader this week.

The owners of the site - East Lindsey District Council - also declined to reveal any further information, saying that it should be the decision of their preferred bidder (the ADV Partnership) to elaborate on the details once their proposal has been completed and submitted in the coming weeks.

Last week, a spokeswoman for the ADV Partnership said: “At the moment, discussions are continuing with the relevant stakeholders and work is continuing on the proposals”. The spokeswoman previously told the Leader that the proposed development will aim to “increase footfall and create jobs”.

Asda already came close to developing a supermarket on the Cattle Market site in the past, after East Lindsey District Council accepted a bid from McLagan Investments Ltd (c/o ASDA Stores Ltd) in July 2014 following their initial marketing exercise.

However, that deal fell through in March 2015 after the company submitted a revised offer following a “review of trading conditions”. The site was subsequently put back on the market in July 2015.

Official confirmation of the proposed development is expected to revealed within the coming weeks.

Who would you like to develop on the site? Do you hope an Asda store will come to Louth?

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