Could Dylan and Chase be hitting our television screens?

A teenager from Grimoldby has described the '˜fabulous' feeling of achieving success '¨at Crufts - for the seventh year in a row.
Dylan Smith with his dog, Chase.Dylan Smith with his dog, Chase.
Dylan Smith with his dog, Chase.

Now, Dylan Smith (13) has yet another feather in his cap after becoming the youngest person to qualify for advanced level in the ‘freestyle’ category, in partnership with his beloved seven-year-old Border Collie, Chase.

The previous holder of this record was 16-year-old Ashleigh Butler, who went on to win the sixth series of Britain’s Got 
Talent alongside her 
dancing dog Pudsey in 2012.

Dylan, who is in Year Nine at Cordeaux Academy, is looking at taking part 
in Lincolnshire’s Got Talent later this year - and he would 
not rule out entering 
Britain’s Got Talent himself if the opportunity 
arises in future.

Grace Smith (10) with her black Labrador, Floyd.Grace Smith (10) with her black Labrador, Floyd.
Grace Smith (10) with her black Labrador, Floyd.

At this year’s Crufts, 
Dylan and Chase entered the advanced freestyle category and the intermediate heelwork category - and the pair ended up winning both.

Dylan, who has now won awards at Crufts for seven consecutive years, said: 
“I feel really proud - it’s a fabulous feeling.

“It was a bit daunting, and it was much harder this year being against someone 
of the same level in the advanced category”.

Dylan and his family have a historical connection to dog training, as his grandmother Carol Mortimer was one of 
the first people to do heelwork to music, before it was formally recognised by The Kennel Club.

Dylan Smith (13) and his Border Collie, Chase.Dylan Smith (13) and his Border Collie, Chase.
Dylan Smith (13) and his Border Collie, Chase.

Dylan’s little sister, Grace (10) and his cousin Louise (15) - who also lives in Grimoldby - are also keen dog trainers, and both took part in this year’s Crufts competition too.

Grace took part in the under-12s novice freestyle category with her three-year-old Labrador, Floyd, and she also took part in the grooming category with her five-year-old Papillon, Kai, in which she achieved fourth place. Louise, meanwhile, achieved 3rd place in novice freestyle and 1st place in heelwork.

Grandmother Carol Mortimer said: “Dylan, Grace and Louise are always successful at Crufts, and I am very proud of them.

“Dylan has been very successful with heelwork to music, and there’s great potential there for the future.

“He’s a real showman and I can picture him on 
Britain’s Got Talent. Maybe we’ll enter next year.”

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