Council crackdown on rogue landlords to improve living standards

North Lincolnshire Council is looking to launch a new licence for private landlords aimed at protecting our most vulnerable residents and raising housing standards in the private rented sector for the benefit of tenants.
Richard HanniganRichard Hannigan
Richard Hannigan

Certain areas of Crosby and Park ward and Town ward in the centre of Scunthorpe have high numbers of privately rented homes. Many landlords act responsibly but unfortunately this is not the case across the board. As a result, in some properties residents live in inadequate conditions that the property owners are doing little about.

The new scheme would require all private landlords within the designated area to apply for a licence for each property they let out. The licence would then last for five years.

To become a licence-holder, the landlord would have to meet certain standards before they could legally rent out a property. A set of conditions would also be attached to the licence regarding the standard and management of the property itself.

The licence would ensure that all the houses in this area are fit for tenants to live in and they have the full range of facilities they need.

Councillor Richard Hannigan, Deputy Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This scheme is not meant to stop people renting privately in Scunthorpe town centre, nor is it to deter landlords from renting out their properties. This new licence will root out and tackle rogue landlords who are taking advantage of their tenants by allowing them to live in unacceptable conditions.

“We recognise and thank many of the landlords in this area who are good landlords; they should have no problems achieving a licence for their properties. However, this new licence will ensure all landlords in the area take responsibility for the homes they let and their tenants.

“Sometimes, problems can be as simple as properties not having the correct recycling bins or boxes. Bringing in a set of standards for landlords and their properties will have a knock on effect on the neighbourhood, helping to keep it cleaner, reducing anti-social behaviour, and making it altogether a nicer place to live.”

Before bringing into effect the new licensing scheme, the council will be consulting with residents, landlords and other affected parties to gather information and opinions on how the licence will help.

Private landlords are invited to find out more about the licence and share their views at the Landlords’ Forum on Thursday September 28 from 4pm to 6pm at The House, Brumby Wood Lane, Scunthorpe. Please contact the council to confirm your attendance on [email protected] or call 01724 297000.