Council makes u-turn on parking

DISABLED people have won the fight to lift a ban on parking in Worksop town centre following a u-turn from Notts County Council.

The authority, which was facing legal action over the ban, announced on Wednesday that blue badge and special pemit holders can park again on Bridge Street and Bridge Place.

The move came less than two months after the order was brought into clamp down on illegal parking.

Neil Hodgson, major projects and improvements team manager, faced tough questioning from members of the public over why the authority didn’t consult before bringing in the trial ban.

“We have heard the strength of feeling from residents and over the summer months we will be working with Bassetlaw Council to find a more balanced way forward on the matter,” he said.

“I can’t undo the inconvenience that’s been caused but I think there has been some merit in the experimental traffic order to show what action is needed.”

People at the meeting said they were pleased the ban had been revoked, but said strong action was needed to clamp down on illegal parking and cyclists riding on Bridge Street.

Barry Donlan, of Worksop, said: “This has been going on for some time now - people have got into a culture where they think they can get away with it. “It’s not enough asking people not to park on Bridge Street - it needs proper enforcement,” he said.

But a straw poll of our Facebook readers showed not all shoppers are delighted with the news.

Mandy Bell said she completely disagreed with the ban being lifted.

“The simple truth is people’s lives are put at risk trying to dodge cars and why don’t pedestrians have the right too?” she said.

“I work and have disabled family, I work with disabled for a living and yes I’m still against it and why? Because I am a parent first.”

Unity Law, which launched legal action against Notts County Council, said the authority could still bring back the ban after the consultation, expected to last three months.

“It is therefore important the disabled community is given the opportunity to saw how they are adversely affected by the ban,” he said.

Feedback can sent to Chris Fry at Unity Law on chris.[email protected] or calling 0114 361. Alternatively call Simon Bernacki at Disability Nottinghamshire on 01623 658060 or emailing [email protected]