Council: Nothing we can do about '˜nuisance' Blue Badge parking

Shopkeepers have spoken out against a '˜nuisance' vehicle that was left in a public parking space in Eastgate for over three weeks - but the county council has admitted that there is nothing they can do to stop it.


The vehicle parked up in the 30-minute parking spaces in Eastgate, outside stores such as T. Marris Carpets Ltd and Spill The Beans, back in September.

However, because a Blue Badge disability permit was left on the vehicle’s dashboard, the owner - who reportedly lives in a property nearby - does not have to comply with the 30 minute time limit, and can technically park their vehicle there indefinitely.

This is much to the annoyance of nearby shopkeepers who feel it inconveniences potential customers who may wish to park on the busy street.

The vehicle was reportedly left in a public parking space outside a row of Eastgate shops for around three weeks - but, because of the blue badge on the dashboard, there was nothing the council could do.

Last week, Chris Green from T. Marris Carpets explained that the car had been parked, almost permanently, outside the row of shops for at least three weeks.

Mr Green said: “They’re not breaking the law or breaking any parking rules, but it’s just blooming inconsiderate.

“There’s no mention on the parking signs about time limits (for Blue Badge permits), so unfortunately they can just park there as long as they like.”

Lizzie Winson, shop assistant at Spills The Beans, added: “The traffic wardens can’t do anything, and nobody else seems to know what to do with it.

“People do pop in (to our shop) for quick ingredients, but if your can’t get your car parked for half an hour then it does jam up the town a bit and stops free-flowing trade.

“Looking at our demographic, you get a lot of people who can’t walk very far, or they’re with their parents, and you get a lot of people coming in to our shop in a hurry, so it’s not ideal if they can’t park up outside just because the spaces are being permanently taken up.”

Mr Green told the Leader that the car been reported to ELDC as an ‘abandoned vehicle’, but this was quickly resisted by the vehicle owner.

An ELDC spokesman said: “We did receive an abandoned vehicle report for this vehicle on September 21, and an abandoned vehicle notice was placed on the car on September 25. Following this, we were contacted by the owner who confirmed the vehicle was not abandoned.

“Whilst we understand the inconvenience caused by instances of nuisance parking, there are no powers we have to stop this.”

Matt Jones, parking services manager at Lincolnshire County Council, confirmed there was nothing that the county council could do either.

Mr Jones said: “Under national rules, Blue Badge holders can park in limited waiting bays like this for as long as they want.

“We are given no leeway on this, so are unable to take any action in this instance.

“Anyone wishing to report problem parking can do so by calling our hotline on 01522 511142.”

• The Leader left a note on the vehicle with a request for comment, but the owner did not get in touch before we went to press.