Council - why we said '˜no' to 360 homes in Woodhall

Parish councillors in Woodhall Spa have revealed more details behind their decision to oppose a major housing development - even though they admit it has a number of '˜redeeming features.'
Parish council chairman David ClarkeParish council chairman David Clarke
Parish council chairman David Clarke

The Witham Trading Company Limited (Nelstrop family) is seeking permission from East Lindsey District Council to build 360 homes off Tattershall Road.

The scheme has run into widespread opposition from residents and parish councillors . Over 150 people attending a recent meeting to discuss the application.

Parish councillors voted to oppose the plans amid fears about the impact on local infrastructure - and the fact as many as 960 homes could be built in Woodhall Spa - if all the various developments go ahead.

In a statement, the council said: “Several councillors felt that the application had many redeeming features such as open green spaces, foot and cycle paths, extensive landscaping, a children’s play area, quality of design (although at the outline stage) and attempts to adhere to the draft NDP.

“They also supported the concept of a retirement village although some councillors felt that this should be sited closer to Tattershall Road to reduce the distance to travel to the centre of the village.

“However, councillors noted that this was the last of four major applications submitted recently, with a total of 960 houses possibly being built in the village over the next few years.

“Currently, the village has approximately 1,900 houses and councillors expressed concern, yet again, about over-development and the adverse impact that this would have on the character of the village - and the quality of life of existing and future residents.”

The statement goes on to say councillors were also worried about ‘the impact on local infrastructure’ - particularly with regard to education and the NHS.

Parish council chairman David Clarke said the application was ‘ very high quality and well presented’ but was ‘in the wrong place and at the wrong time.’

The parish council statement added: “When the issue was put to the vote, seven councillors supported a motion to object and one abstained.

“The main areas of concern were: over-development, impact on physical infrastructure (traffic, roads, drains), impact on social infrastructure (NHS services, education), location, loss of character and quality of life. “Councillors were especially concerned about the proposed mini-roundabout on Tattershall Road and felt this was dangerous with traffic queues potentially back to the Abbey Lodge.”

Masons Chartered Surveyors, the agents representing the Witham Trading Company, have defended the Tatterdhall Road scheme, stressing it will enhance the area.

The latest step comes just days after ELDC’s planning committee approved plans by Jackson Homes for 150 dwellings off Witham Road in the village - despite strong objections from the parish council and residents. The developers will have to meet conditions laid down in a Section 106 Agreement.