Councillor George Horton elected as Mayor of Louth

Councillor George Horton has been elected as the new Mayor of Louth for 2018/19.

The Mayor of Louth, Councillor George Horton, with his wife Julie, Town Clerk Lynda Phillips, Serjeant Glenn Darnell, and Reverend Nick Brown.

Coun Horton was proposed for the role by Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders, and seconded by Coun Lesley Harrison-Wiseman, at a meeting of Louth Town Council yesterday evening (Tuesday).

There were no other nominations, and Coun Horton - who served as Deputy Mayor for 2017/18 - was elected unanimously by his fellow councillors.

Coun Horton said it was a ‘very special occasion’, and thanked his family and friends for going along to the meeting to support him.

The Mayor of Louth, Councillor George Horton.

Coun Horton gave a vote of thanks to retiring mayor, Coun Pauline Watson, and presented her with a replica of the Arms of the Town.

He said it had been a ‘pleasure’ to support Coun Watson over the past 12 months, adding that she was a ‘credit to the town’.

Coun Watson thanked the town council for its support, and said - despite a ‘disruptive period of ill-health’ - she had enjoyed a ‘wonderful’ year serving as mayor.

She wished Coun Horton ‘every success’ for the year ahead, and presented gifts of thanks to Coun Horton, the Town Clerk, Mayor’s Serjeant, and Reverend Nick Brown.

The Mayor of Louth, Councillor George Horton.

Coun Watson also confirmed Louth stalwart, Stuart Sizer, as the recipient of the Arms for services to the town.

The new Deputy Mayor was also elected at the meeting, with Coun Fran Treanor being chosen by his fellow councillors to take on the role.

He was proposed for the role by Coun Margaret Ottaway and seconded by Coun Sue Crew, and there were no other nominations.

Coun Treanor is therefore expected to become the Mayor of Louth next summer, after Coun Horton has concluded his year in office.

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