Councillor provides update on new '˜state-of-the-art' cameras

Louth Town Council's representative on East Lindsey's CCTV Partnership has given the Leader an update on the latest developments, as state-of-the-art digital cameras are soon to be installed across the district.

Coun Eileen Ballard said:“We’ve been told the installation will resume on January 15, although we do not have a date when cameras in Louth will be replaced.

“We are awaiting clarification from colleagues at Boston Borough Council as to whether the warranties of the cameras would be compromised by delays in the installation.

“We were concerned about the suitability of the new cameras to operate within LCC part-night locations, however we have been told that those cameras impacted by the lack of lighting are being replaced with cameras that have an infra-red function to alleviate this.

“We are awaiting updated statistics from Boston Borough Council to each of the town and parish council areas within East Lindsey as evidence that our areas are being monitored sufficiently.”