Country parks prepare for an Autumn warm weekend welcome

THOUSANDS of people are expected to step outside and take advantage of the good weather this weekend by heading to the counties country parks.

More than 1,500 visitors are expected at Rufford Abbey Country Park as England basks in the hottest end to September since 1895.

Countryside team manager Gareth Broome said he fully expects people to take full advantage of the unexpected warm weather.

“We have noticed an increase in visitors this week since the weather has got sunnier so we expect this weekend to be busy,” he said.

“Because it is so dry, most of the spring and summer flowering plants across the park are likely to be moving into autumn mode and shutting down, however, roses are quite hardy and if the weather stays hot and dry, they should bloom for longer this year than usual.”

“This will be of particular interest to visitors as in the rose garden, the White Lady of Rufford rose, named after Rufford’s famous ghostly presence, is still in flower.”

Meanwhile, Sherwood Forest Country Park is hoping to top the 4,000 visitors it welcomed last year for its annual Sherwood through the Ages event this weekend.

Re-enactments featuring period cooking, encampments, archery and muskets will bring drama and excitement to the county park as part of an annual celebration of its history next weekend. Admission is free (a £3 car parking charge applies).

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