County council lifts ban on disabled parking

NOTTS County Council has lifted the traffic ban on disabled parking on Bridge Street from today (Thursday 5th July 2012).

The order came into force on 22nd May this year in a bid to reduce the levels of traffic in the pedestrian area and improve the environment.

The authority says it has fully listened to those adversely affected by the ban and has withdrawn it to prepare for ‘further and wider’ consultation.

Coun Richard Jackson, chairman of the county council’s transport and highways committee, said the order was designed to reduce vehicle movements through Bridge Street.

“It was having the desired effect and the rationale behind it is still valid,” he said.

“However, we have been listening to what people have been telling us and are taking into account representations which have been received.”

“We are therefore withdrawing the order, with a view to carrying out a further and wider period of consultation.”

The order prevented all vehicles from entering Bridge Street, except for loading, between the hours of 4pm to 10am.

It also removed access for all blue badge holders and special access permit holders on all pedestrianised sections of Bridge Street and Bridge Place.

Coun Jackson said it was now time to fully consider all options available to find a solution which best suits the needs of Worksop.

“We have said all along that we would be listening to all comments and objections and that the order could be modified or withdrawn if it is not working or is creating particular hardship for users,” he said.

“This is precisely why we introduced an experimental order rather than a permanent one, because it gives us the flexibility to respond to the public’s needs.”

As of today, traffic arrangements on Bridge Street revert to the previous order under which general traffic is prohibited from entering the street with exemptions allowing vehicles to enter the pedestrianised zone before 10am and after 3.30pm, with special access permit holders, including disabled permit holders, and maintenance and bullion vehicles allowed to enter at any time.

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