Couple banned from Louth pub after assaulting doorman

A Louth couple, who assaulted a doorman, have been banned from going into a local pub for six months.

Boston Magistrates' Court

Carl Adam Chappell, 31, of High Holme Road and his partner Chantel Moses, 32, admitted assaulting Shaun Sadler by beating on December 31, when they appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (January 23).

Ms Moses also admitted being drunk and disorderly on the same occasion and being in breach of a conditional discharge, also for being drunk and disorderly.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare said Shaun Sadler worked as a doorman at the Turks Head public house in Aswell Street, and on New Years Eve he was told of an incident inside the pub.

He said that when he went in he found a colleague trying to restrain Chappell, a regular customer known to him, who was struggling and shouting: “I’ll do you all. Bring it on.”

He said Moses was ‘going crazy’ and was ‘extremely drunk’.

Mr Clare said Chappell calmed down but then started arguing again and was removed from the premises, but he then ran back in and punched Mr Sadler in the face.

He said that as they tried to eject him again from the pub, Moses wrapped herself around his legs and bit him three times.

He said that both were finally evicted and police attended and found both defendants to be ‘extremely drunk’ and having to be restrained from going back into the pub.

Mr Clare said Moses was shouting profanities in the street and both were arrested.

Mitigating for Chappell, who was on post-sentence supervision, Andrea Wilkes said he acknowledged he had anger management and alcohol issues and that December was a particularly emotional month for him.

She said he had gone back into the pub, after being evicted, to find his partner, Ms Moses.

Philippa Chatterton, mitigating for Moses, said she had difficulties with alcohol for some time.

She said she could not recall exactly what had happened but she went to intervene when she thought the doorman was ‘being physical’ with her partner and at some stage was thrown to the floor.

The magistrates gave both 12 month community orders with 20 days of rehabilitation for Chappell and 30 days for Moses, and they were both ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mr Sadler and £85 court costs.

Both were excluded from the Turks Head for six months.