COURT: Man jailed for two years after committing 24 offences

A man who travelled from Peterborough to rural Nottinghamshire and Essex to commit crimes has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Mantas Kazukauskas, 25, of Tintagel Close, Peterborough, was jailed at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday after admitting conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to steal, relating to 24 separate offences of thefts from motor vehicles or burglaries where sheds and garages were targeted.

Overnight on December 29 2014, Kazukauskas travelled as part of a group to Dunmow in Essex where he committed eight offences – one theft from motor vehicle and seven burglaries.

On the night of January 2 2014 he then travelled to Nottinghamshire where, as part of a group, he committed a further 16 offences – seven burglaries and nine thefts from motor vehicles - in the villages of Sutton cum Lound, Lound, Everton and Clayworth.

Two other men have been charged in connection with the same matter but failed to attend court and are currently wanted.

Detective Constable Ricci Skelton said: “Kazukauskas would target insecure vehicles, sheds and garages, in some cases forcing entry before stealing personal items.

“Kazukauskas’ crime spree caused a great deal of upset for a large number of people who will now at least have the satisfaction of seeing Kazukauskas jailed.”