CPRE secures funding for 12 hedgerow projects in the East Midlands

A countryside charity has secured funding for two hedgerow planting and restoration projects in the Sleaford area.
Hedgerows bring communities closer to nature, according to the CPRE Photo: CPRE. EMN-220804-115105001Hedgerows bring communities closer to nature, according to the CPRE Photo: CPRE. EMN-220804-115105001
Hedgerows bring communities closer to nature, according to the CPRE Photo: CPRE. EMN-220804-115105001

The Council for the Protection of Rural England has confirmed the funding for a total of 12 hedgerow projects across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Two of the projects are in Lincolnshire at Mareham Pastures Local Nature Reserve in Sleaford and at Dunston Playing Fields in Dunston.

The local Hedgerow Heroes project, which also supports CPRE’s national hedgerow campaign, has already enabled the restoration of over 20km of hedgerow up and down the country. They aim to increase the hedgerow network by 40 per cent by 2050, as recommended by the Climate Change Committee to help achieve carbon net zero.

The twelve East Midlands locations cover a variety of areas and landscapes, from parks to nature reserves and leisure facilities.

Local CPRE groups in each area will be directly engaging with communities and volunteers to ensure their involvement with these practical conservation projects in their local green spaces. Depending on the area, the CPRE will also be linking up with local experts including TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) and ecological consultants as well as local councils and green space champions.

Paul Duncan, a member of Dunston Parish Council said: “We are developing our playing field and receiving support for planting 300 metres of hedgerow. It follows on from our new orchard which consists of 100 trees which were planted last year.”

He said some buds are showing on the trees at the moment but there is a way to go before they see any fruit!

Coun Duncan said: “We currently have a wooden fence which encloses our children’s ground and open area for physical activities and have decided that it would be more sustainable and environmentally friendly to replace this with a hedgerow, particularly to encourage more wildlife to the area. Also, with the help provided by the CPRE, this will be a project in which we will be able to involve both children and adults from the village.”

Commenting on the project, Lorraine Ray, Volunteering and Community Engagement Officer at CPRE, said: “This exciting Hedgerow Heroes project will enhance access to nature for communities across the East Midlands, and our aim is to raise awareness of hedgerows and the many benefits they bring to our landscapes and wildlife.

The project, which has been corporate funded, will see a total of 2km of new hedge planted with ongoing management plans to ensure that they flourish for generations to come. More details will be announced soon.

CPRE is the countryside charity that campaigns to promote, enhance and protect the countryside for everyone’s benefit, wherever they live. With a local CPRE in every county, they work with communities, businesses and government to find positive and lasting ways to help the countryside thrive - today and for generations to come.