Belchford man banned after ‘consuming cannabis in a cake’ before driving

A Horncastle area man caught driving with cannabis in his system has told magistrates at Boston that he had consumed it in a cake, and that he was not a cannabis user.

Court news

Shane Thomas, 42, of Dams Lane, Belchford, was stopped at 2.30pm on March 2 on the A158 Burgh Road in Skegness and police noticed there was a smell of cannabis.

Thomas, who admitted the charge, was arrested after a positive drugs wipe and admitted he had consumed some cannabis the night before.

A reading showed a level of 2.8 microgrammes of cannabis, the legal limit being two.

Thomas’ case was heard at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (September 15).

Mitigating, Christopher Hogg said Thomas was not a cannabis user but he’d had some cake at a party, which he believed had cannabis in it, and he was stopped on his way home.

He was banned from driving for a year and ordered to pay a fine of £120 and a total of £119 in court costs and charges.