Boston alleyway targeted by flytippers and used as a toilet to remain behind gates

An alleyway in Boston which has been gated off under a council-imposed protection order will continue to be off-limits to the general public for another three years.
Karwan Hassan of Kingsman Barbers on Bridge Street, Boston.Karwan Hassan of Kingsman Barbers on Bridge Street, Boston.
Karwan Hassan of Kingsman Barbers on Bridge Street, Boston.

Once riddled with littering, fly-tipping, urination and defecation, Hatter Lane, off Bridge Street in Boston is to remain only accessible via keypad-controlled gates to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Boston Borough Council’s Cabinet has agreed to extend the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for a further three-year period.

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The locking system at both sides was first installed in 2015 after a number of attempts to reduce anti-social behaviour. The gates at either end of Hatter Lane have a keypad, enabling residents, businesses and emergency services who need to use the alleyway to access it at all times.

Coun Anne Dorrian, Leader of Boston Borough Council, said: "I am really pleased to report the positive impact of the Public Spaces Protection Order in addressing longstanding concerns in Hatter Lane. Since its implementation, the gating system has proven its effectiveness in deterring such behaviours and safeguarding the environment.

“Without the continued enforcement of the PSPO and the presence of gating measures, there's a significant risk of these issues resurfacing. Therefore, we firmly believe that maintaining the PSPO is a justified and necessary measure for the ongoing management of anti-social behaviour in Hatter Lane."

Police confirmed that there were no instances of crime, environmental crime and ASB incidents in the alleyway between April 1 2021 and January 31 2024.