Boston man abused police station staff and then made false emergency calls, court told

A Boston man went to the police station and was abusive to staff, then made false emergency calls, after being visited at his home by police officers, a court has heard.

Man in court

Darron Richard Abbott, 55, of London Road, admitted persistently making use of the public communication system to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety, when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Prosecuting, Lee Shepherd said officers went to Abbott's home on November 20 on another matter and after they left, Abbott went to Boston police station where he was abusive to staff and refused to leave, demanding to see a senior police officer.

He said Abbott eventual left and some time later, three 999 emergency calls were received from him asking to speak to two particular CID officers and alleging he was 'being screwed over' by the police.

Mr Shepherd said Abbott threatened to go to the national press and also said that 'someone will be killed' and threatened to ram into people in his car.

He said Abbott was found in his car and was arrested and he complained he had not been told what he had been reported for and admitted he had threatened to kill someone.

Mitigating, Helen Coney said that leading up to this day, Abbott had been the victim of a number of criminal offences in which his vehicle had been damaged and a brick thrown at his house.

She said he had been 'extremely stressed' when he made the phone calls and had not been thinking with a clear head.

Abbott was fined £404 and ordered to pay £125 in court costs and charges.