Boston man is convicted of a public order offence

A Boston man who failed to appear in court has been convicted of a public order offence in his absence.

Court news

Luke Courtney, 30, of Snaith Avenue, Fosdyke, faced an allegation of threatening behaviour, but had previously failed to appear in July when the magistrates adjourned the case so that statements could be served on him.

When he again failed to appear, the magistrates were told that on July 3, Courtney had been refused entry to Framework, a supported house for the homeless, where his brother was residing.

Prosecuting at Boston Magistrates Court, Shelley Wilson said police were called when he became aggressive and officers found him behind a hedge opposite the building.

She said he was shouting and swearing and threatening to damage the car of a manager from the home and to smashing in the door of the building.

She said that despite being told he was not welcome there, he continued to shout and swear and make threats and refused to go away so eventually he was arrested.

The magistrates convicted Courtney and were then told he had 25 previous convictions, including a public order offence this May, and was currently on a community order.

They were told that alcohol was an issue and so issued a warrant for his arrest so he could be brought to court and sentenced.