Boston man jailed for assaulting pregnant ex-partner twice in one day following row over abortion

A Boston man who assaulted his pregnant ex-partner twice in one day – on the first occasion, grabbing her by the hair, dragging her around the room, punching her to the ground, stamping on her head, and threatening to hit her in the stomach to ‘kill the baby’ – has been jailed.

Boston Magistrates' Court.
Boston Magistrates' Court.

Benjamin Teft, 33, of Trinity Street, appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday for sentencing after being convicted at a trial in June of two charges of assault by beating. He had pleaded not guilty to the offences.

Magistrates heard that Teft had been in an on-off relationship with the complainant from 2010 to 2020.

Prosecuting, Lottie Tyler said that on March 2, 2021, Teft had been staying for two or three nights with the complainant, but they had been arguing as they 'tried to sort things out'.

She said that when the two of them were alone in the house, they were arguing because he was trying to make her have an abortion, and he assaulted her.

It was said he threw a bottle of alcohol at her, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her around the room, punched her to the ground where he stamped on her head and also threatened to hit her in the stomach to 'kill the baby'.

Later, she said, he dragged her around again, spat at her and kicked her on the leg and also grabbed her by her shirt and shook her.

The magistrates were told Teft had a previous conviction for assaulting her.

Teft told the magistrates he would lose his job and his house if he was sent to prison and said he had 'no intention' of seeing the complainant again.

Sending him to an immediate custodial sentence of six months, the magistrates said they had been 'particularly nasty assaults' and he had shown no remorse.

They also ordered him to pay her £200 in compensation and issued a 12-month restraining order preventing him from contacting the complainant in any way or going to her home or anywhere she might be.

In a statement to The Standard following the case, Jade Thursby, domestic abuse business manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “There is a wide range of support available from local organisations for those experiencing domestic abuse. We understand it can often be difficult to report an abusive relationship, and we would like to reassure people that your concerns will be taken seriously.”

She continued: "If you need help or advice, or are concerned about someone else’s safety, please get in touch by calling EDAN Lincs on 01522 510041, or, in an emergency, dialling 999.”