Burglaries down 20% in 2023 in East Lindsey say Lincolnshire Police

​Lincolnshire Police has reported that burglaries were down by 20 percent in East Lindsey so far this year.

​In the like-for-like period from January to August, overall incidents of burglary in 2023 are down in East Lindsey by 20.1 percent, or 44 offences, with caravan burglaries down eight offences which also equates to a 20.1 percent reduction.

The policing effort to combat caravan burglaries, dubbed Operation Songlark, has continued through the summer season aiming reducing crime and the fear of crime in the area.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams, supported by both specialist investigation and proactive teams, continue the aims of tracing offenders swiftly, recovering stolen property and bringing offenders to justice.

Efforts have also seen high-visibility patrols across caravan parks, which will continue, as well as use of police drones, heat seeking technology, and plain clothes officers patrolling the areas.

A number of arrests have been made and hundreds of exhibits recovered in these ongoing investigations.

Chief Inspector for East Lindsey, Lee St Quinton, said: “This is a real achievement and a testament to considered planning and a concerted effort through our Summertime Policing Plan which made burglaries a local priority.

"Working with East Lindsey District Council, and the Caravan Park Watch scheme, this has been a collaborative effort to keep people safe that’s evidenced in the 20% reduction in burglary.

"It’s great news, but complacency now is not an option. We have previously seen the biggest peak in caravan burglary at end of the season when caravans are left empty and this must now be our focus. There are simple steps you can take to protect your holiday home and rest assured, we will be playing our part in deterring and detecting crime.”

John Chappell, Chairman of Caravan Park Watch, said: “Not only has the industry become the eyes and ears of the Police in this sector but by leading from the front, Lincolnshire Police have achieved an enviable unity amongst Park owners and operators. It is incredible what this police and business partnership has achieved so we 100% welcome a renewed focus by Lincolnshire Police on raising awareness of caravan burglaries and crime prevention advice.

“It is equally excellent news that due to the partnership between business and the Police, that burglaries have been on a sharp downward trend and if you are a criminal looking at caravans, you should know that through our partnership at Caravan Park Watch, you are highly likely to get caught! We ‘sell’ the thriving tourist industry and the award winning Lincolnshire coast to millions of customers every year. It is of great pride to us all that we are all working to keep it safe for both visitors and residents and long may it continue.”

Lincolnshire Police has released this end of season crime reduction recommendations:

  • Remove all valuables from your caravan, especially flat screen TVs, games consoles and DVD players. It’s tempting to leave them under the bed, or in a cupboard. Don’t. Thieves will find them.
  • Leave all the curtains open, remove net curtains and leave cupboards empty with doors open. Make it clear to would-be thieves there is nothing worth stealing.
  • Make sure that all your contact details are up to date at the site office / storage office.
  • Place a “valuables removed” sign on your windows.
  • Make sure all windows are locked and if possible, cable tie the handles.
  • Leave a blank sheet of paper inside the doorway when you finally lock up. A footprint can help trace an offender.
  • Remove gas bottles as they can be a target for thieves.
  • Consider if your lock needs upgrading to a professionally fitted anti-snap lock. You can find a local locksmith on the Master Locksmiths Association website here.