CORONAVIRUS: Police attend 100 COVID-19 related incidents over weekend - but no fines issued

Lincolnshire Police attended more than 100 COVID-19 related incidents over the Bank Holiday weekend but handed out no fines to people.

Boston's Central Park at the weekend

Deputy Chairman of the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum Mark Baxter confirmed officers had attended 42 incidents on Saturday and 62 incidents on Sunday with powers to move people on only used in 34 of those.

Mr Baxter said the responses included visitors to the coast as well as those having house parties and barbecues.

However, he said: “Enforcement is a last resort and it does seem that once people are being spoken to by the police they are being extremely compliant and adhering to the requests.”

He said that the two days were “very quiet” on the East Coast, but Monday did see an increase in people visiting and traffic levels – however, figures for the latter were still being collated.

He added, however: “We’re pleased to say that the vast majority of the public travelling around the county were adhering to social distancing really well.

He said, in general, the levels were “manageable” and praised local businesses for their work to protect customers.

“On the whole, I would really like to thank everybody’s patience and considerations over the bank or the weekend,” he said.