CORONAVIRUS: Police have now fined 65 people for breaching lockdown rules

Lincolnshire Police has now fined more than 65 people for breaching coronavirus lockdown.
Latest on number of fines issuedLatest on number of fines issued
Latest on number of fines issued

Deputy Chief Constable Jason Harwin told BBC Radio Lincolnshire that officers had attended an additional 15 incidents over the weekend.

He said they had mostly been groups and gatherings of people – but that some motorists had also been stopped.

“Some of the individuals are those that have ultimately not complied and we’ve come across them again,” he said.

“But there’s also occasions we’re getting called to locations where people are gathering and clearly that’s defeating the objective of what we’re trying to achieve.”

However, Mr Harwin said that the majority of people have adhered to the government’s advice.

In the last 24 hours, police have received more than 90 reports from the public about people breaking lockdown rules.

In incidents this weekend, a number of joyride bikers in the woods near Grantham were fined by police for breaking coronavirus lockdown restriction rules.

Also a man was arrested after allegedly assaulting two police officers who were sent to his house in Lincoln after neighbours reported a party gathering.