Could you be a new magistrate for Lincolnshire?

There is a recruitment drive to find new magistrates for Lincolnshire.

Spalding Magistrates Court

The Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace for Lincolnshire has launched a recruitment campaign to find more new magistrates in the county.

Deputy Secretary of the Committee, Mark Chamberlain, said: “The Advisory Committee is looking for ordinary members of the community to undertake this important public service. Magistrates are not paid for their work but can recover their expenses.

“Applicants do not need any qualifications but must be of good character and trustworthy. They must be willing to sit at least 13 days a year and to attend training for their work.”

Employers are required to release employees for this public service.

Mr Chamberlain said: “Over 95 per cent of criminal cases and a large proportion of child care matters are dealt with by magistrates. “Magistrates come from all walks of life and applications are welcome from anybody who can demonstrate the key qualities required for this judicial role. The committee particularly encourages applications from those groups under-represented on the bench – younger people, those in paid employment, people with disabilities and members of minority ethnic groups. Applications are all considered on merit.”

Further details and information on how to apply can be found at or by e-mailing [email protected] .