Court Report: 'Drunken' Boston man shouted at children in park while thrashing a bin with a string of beads

A drunken Boston resident repeatedly shouted at a group of children in Central Park while thrashing a string of Christmas beads against a bin.
Boston Magistrates Court.Boston Magistrates Court.
Boston Magistrates Court.

Town magistrates heard on Wednesday, August 16, that Mindaogus Zinkevicius, 31, was in such a state that he was unable to give his details to police who were called at about 8pm on Monday, July 24.

“The defendant remained very agitated and shouting in an aggressive tone,” said prosecutor Alison McIlroy.

Zinkevicius pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place. In mitigation, he said via an interpreter: “Not much I can say. I’m sorry for this.”

The defendant, of Carlton Road, was given an 18-month conditional discharge and told to pay £111 in costs and victim surcharge.