Detectives issue warning following TV licensing fraud rise in Lincolnshire

Detectives working in the cyber-crime unit of Lincolnshire Police have issued a warning following a rise in TV licensing fraud.

Lincolnshire Police. ANL-180511-080404001

Since September 2018, 250 crime reports have been received nation-wide, with losses of £2 million as a result of this fraud offence.

Victims have reported receiving an email that appears to be from TV licensing, with links to a convincing-looking website.

Personal and financial details are requested, and then it has been reported that the victim receives a phone call from a man, typically in the evening, claiming to be from the fraud department of the victim’s bank.

The fraudster tries to convince the victim that they are genuine, by having details obtained using the fake TV licence emails and websites.

The fraudster will then claim that the victim’s account has been compromised by a scam and that they will need to move their money to a “safe” account, which is an attempt to de-fraud the victim out of their savings.

Detective Sergeant Simon Gunn, from the cyber-team, said: “I am putting out this message so that as many people as possible are aware of this attempted fraud. Offenders will often sound extremely convincing, but I cannot state enough the importance of questioning everything, especially random emails and phone calls asking for specific, intimate information.

“Report anything suspicious to us on 101, or via ActionFraud, and let us investigate. If you believe that you have been a victim, or you know someone who has been a victim, please let us know as we can help and support you, as well as gather information that will help us prevent any further offences.”