Drugs driver from Spilsby is banned after being found eight times over the limit

A Spilsby man who drove his car while under the influence of eight times the permitted level of cannabis, has been banned from driving for 12 months by magistrates in Boston.

Boston Magistrates' Court
Boston Magistrates' Court

Craig Hughes, 32, of Halton Road, who admitted the offence, was said to have been found by police officers driving his VW Passat car in Wainfleet Road, Skegness at 4.30pm on December 27.

Police tested him because he smelt strongly of cannabis and he was found to have a reading of 17.5 micrograms in his bloodstream, the legal limit being two.

It was said he fully cooperated with the police and had since given up smoking cannabis.

He was banned from driving for a year and ordered to pay a fine of £300 and £119 in court costs and charges.