‘Fo​​​​​olishly’ took delivery driver job while banned

A disqualified driver 'foolishly' took a job as a delivery driver before his driving ban had expired, a court has heard.

Court news.
Court news.

Steven Lock, 58, of Bonner Close, Sleaford admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance when he appeared before magistrates in Boston on Wednesday, August 3.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace told the court that Lock had been banned for six months under the totting up procedure in

February but on July 9 he was seen driving a Mercedes van on the B1188 at Ruskington.

When stopped and challenged he had told police he was appealing against the speeding fine which had resulted in his driving ban and had heard nothing.

Mitigating, Kerry Close said he had been offered a job as a delivery driver and had foolishly accepted it even though he had not yet dealt with his appeal against the speeding conviction and ban.

She said he was unemployed now, but the offer of a job was still open to him when the ban was over.

He was fined £120 on each of the charges and ordered to pay a total of £181 in court costs and charges.

His driving ban was extended by three months.