Former Special Constable breached standards, hearing finds

A former Special Constable was found to have accessed a custody record without professional purpose.
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In an Accelerated Misconduct Hearing held on Monday, former Special Constable George Cartwright, who was based at Horncastle Police Station, was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of allegations in relation to honesty and integrity, confidentiality, orders and instructions and discreditable conduct

It was found that he had accessed a custody record that he had no policing purpose to do so. He also failed to be open and honest when asked for his response to the Force Auditor and attempted to mislead them into accepting he had a policing purpose for accessing the record.

The Chair of the Accelerated Misconduct Hearing, Chief Constable Chris Haward, found that the former Special Constable would have been dismissed had they still been a serving Special Constable.

After the hearing, Chief Constable Chris Haward, said: “It is clear to me from the evidence presented today the actions of former Special Constable Cartwright were serious and unacceptable. There is a reasonable and clear expectation, officers and staff must act lawfully and always be truthful.

“The breach amounted to gross misconduct. The outcome of the hearing was that former Special Constable Cartwright would have been dismissed had he still been a member of the police service. His name will also be placed on the College of Policing Barred List. He has a right of appeal to a Police Appeals Tribunal.”