Former Louth man sentenced after sending naked photo to teenager

A former Louth man who admitted to being attracted to underage girls, and three years ago sent a naked photograph of himself to a 14-year-old girl, has been ordered to undergo a sexual offenders’ programme.

Court news

Jamie Barton, 25, who now lives in King’s Lynn, had admitted engaging in sexual communication with a child when he appeared in court in February, and appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court for sentencing last week.

Prosecuting, Mark Bishop said that in 2018, Barton made a ‘friend request’ to the girl who told him she was 15 years old, although she was 14.

The prosecutor said that Barton told her that had she been 16 he would have wanted to have sex with her, and he asked he if she had ever had sex.

He said Barton sent a photograph of himself naked to her, but the girl did not respond and blocked his messages.

Barton was seen by the police and told them he ‘had lost the plot’ and didn’t know why. He did admit to having a sexual interest in children but was trying to ‘get rid of it’.

Mitigating, Michael Alexander pointed out that the offence had been committed three years ago and that he was a young man with mental health issues and with no previous convictions, and that he seemed to be ‘looking for help’.

He also said there had been no further offences committed.

The magistrates imposed a two-year community order with 35 days of rehabilitation to include the Sexual Offenders’ Treatment Programme.

He was also ordered to pay £180 in court costs and charges but they refused the prosecution’s request of a Sexual Harm Protection Order because of the length of time since the offence had been committed.