Four suspected shoplifters collared by Sleaford police within minutes

Four suspected shoplifters have been arrested by Sleaford police in the last week.

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Sleaford police Sergeant Stuart Mumby-Croft has reported that swift action by officers working with Shopwatch staff in the town resulted in four arrests within minutes of goods being taken from two stores.

Sgt Mumby-Croft outlined: “Last Sunday morning at 10.45am, a local male decided to remove £181 of stock from Boots without bothering to pay.

“He was located by officers from Sleaford Neighbourhood Policing Team within 30 minutes, all goods were recovered and he had been arrested, interviewed and charged to court by 1pm.”

He went on: “We are currently building an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order in relation to the offender local to Sleaford. This would be heard when they attend court and would seek to ban him from all shops in Sleaford town and make him arrestable for simply setting foot in a retail establishment.“

On Tuesday morning, three adult suspects from out of the Sleaford area were reported to have taken £450 of stock from Boyes without paying. Sgt Mumby-Croft said: “Officers from Sleaford Neighbourhood Policing Team identified them within the hour. All three arrested, interviewed and charged by tea time.”

In a warning to other potential shoplifters, he commented: “Please do not come to our town to target us for shop theft. Our local stores work with us on Shop Watch and we will pursue and prosecute you if you target our local businesses.”