Gran tells of intolerable anti-social behaviour from neighbouring home

With people climbing into her garden and being sick and urinating, regular intimidation and violence, extremely loud noise levels, anti-social behaviour in one Boston street became intolerable for one resident.

The awful state of the property when police raided it

The grandmother was unable to have her grandchildren in her home in the Carlton Road area because she was so concerned about the behaviour in a neighbouring house.

Her story has been shared by Lincolnshire Police today as part of the ongoing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Awareness Week the force is running.

Her words give a clear indication of just how devastating the impact of such behaviour can be on those who live nearby.

Police officers break down the door of the house in a raid

But her story also shows how the police working in partnership with other agencies can tackle the issue and resolve the problem, the force says.

Police today released a video with the victim cataloguing the issues she faced, including people climbing into her garden, loud noise on a daily basis, constant raised voices and numerous fights.

The force has also revealed that the house in question had been taken over by criminals from the vulnerable tenant, who has since been rehomed in partnership with other agencies.

Telling of the behaviour she had to endure, the woman said she saw one man urinate in her garden right in front of her, and another being sick. The situation became unbearable.

A number of people were arrested

“Most visitors were drunk or on drugs. I have grandchildren that I don't have around my house because I do not want them to be exposed to this,” she said.

“I would never allow my granddaughter to be out in my garden on her own. I would be fearful of her being exposed to the sights that I have seen.”

She decided that the situation couldn’t go on and actively approached the police to make a statement.

PC Will Robson, part of the Boston Neighbourhood Policing Team, became involved at this point.

He said there had been lots of reports about anti-social behaviour at this particular property, and they were concerned about the impact it was having on people living by.

Because the case was so extreme, the police decided to apply for a closure order, which was granted by the court, stopping people coming into the property over a specified period of time.

“We raided the property in question and we reported numerous people for breaches of covid legislation and for breaches of the closure notice,” PC Robson said.

“We arrested people wanted for other offences, and worked with homeless charity who assisted with one particular resident we believe had been ‘cuckooed’.

“This is where criminals exploit and tale over the house of vulnerable people to store and sell drugs."

The home had been taken over around the vulnerable tenant, and the video footage shows the appaling conditions his home was kept in.

The man has been rehomed and is being supported by various agencies, said PC Robson.

He has also sent his thanks to the police, as have the neighbours who were suffering as a result of this behaviour.

Anyone who is enduring anti-social behaviour can contact the police on 101 (999 if an emergency). They can also find out more information about the ongoing partnership work to tackle the issue at the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership website at