Here’s how Lincolnshire residents can stay safe as the nights draw in - according to the police

As the nights draw in, Lincolnshire Police are offering a reminder of what householders can do to keep their property secure from opportunistic thieves looking to cash in on the added cover of darkness.

Police are offering advice to householders as nights draw in. EMN-211210-174734001
Police are offering advice to householders as nights draw in. EMN-211210-174734001

In an effort to avoid a traumatic burglary incident and ensuing insurance claim headache, Lincolnshire Police’s advice includes using a timer for lights so that your house doesn’t seem unoccupied, setting alarms, not advertising if you will be away on social media, and always closing and locking your doors and windows – even when you are at home.

Recently, Lincolnshire officers have attended burglaries in which thieves have gained entry through insecure front and back doors and windows, in houses and conservatories.

Burglars often use tools such as a screwdriver to break in – and property left unsecure makes their job that much easier, warns the force.

Sally Picker, Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor, said: “We want to educate Lincolnshire residents about home security, promoting best practice as well as advice on the kinds of products that help protect property and make them feel safe.”

Here are their top tips:

○ Make sure your house looks occupied – use timer switches to light up rooms that would normally be lit if you were home.

○ Make sure to leave a television or radio on, and don’t just light up hallways.

○ Ring doorbells should be approved by Secured by Design and can capture decent quality images of anyone walking towards your front door and contact you immediately.

○ Consider the exterior lighting at the front of your property to help natural surveillance.

○ Prevent open access to the rear of your property. Make sure all side gates are locked with sliding bolts, hasp stable and padlocks.

○ Make sure all doors and windows are locked when you are in the house, and before you go to bed.

○ Set intruder alarms if you have them.

○ Never leave keys in a “secret place”, such as a plant pot, or under a door mat. If you need to hide a key, go for a good quality Secured by Design keysafe, fitted in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, and keep it somewhere not easily visible.

○ Don’t leave your house and vehicle keys in the lock or on a side table in view of a window making it easy for a thief to fish them through your letterbox.

○ Don’t advertise when you will be away on social media.

○ Consider a Faraday bag to store your car keys if you have keyless cars.

If you come across anything suspicious, contact 101, or 999 in an emergency.