House raided by police in Spalding after spate of 20 burglaries by balaclava-clad men targeting the elderly

A spate of 20 burglaries in Spalding in the past week, predominantly targeting the elderly, has prompted police to increase patrol in the town.
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Police increasing patrols, using local officers and officers from the East Midlands Operational Support Service.

It appears there are at least two male offenders, who are wearing balaclavas at the time of the offences. They are using a large dark coloured saloon car.

The offenders are targeting the homes of the elderly and vulnerable by ripping key safe boxes from the exterior walls of premises, taking them away, and forcing them open, before returning to enter the property with the key.

The offences are being committed during the hours of darkness and the offenders have no regard for the fact the occupants are often asleep in their beds at the time of the offence.

The locations which have been affected to date in Spalding are Hoekman Way, Parkside Crescent, Chepstow Close, Holbeach Road, Ash Court (six offences), Oakley Drive, Hawthorn Bank, London Road, and Water Lane.

The locations affected within Pinchbeck are Horsepit Lane, Brownlow Crescent, and Surfleet Road. Other locations affected are Stonegate in Cowbit, Orchard Close in Moulton, and Roman Road, Moulton Chapel.

As part of this enquiry, a house on Halmer Gate in Spalding has been searched today, Thursday June 1, following the execution of a warrant. At this time no arrests have been made and the investigation continues.

DI Dave Rimmer said: “This is very much a live enquiry. We have searched an address today, seized property which will be subject to further investigation. These criminals have sunk about as low as an offender can go as to deliberately target the elderly in this way is despicable.

“We are asking for the community to be vigilant, to look out for their neighbours, and to report any suspicious activity when it is happening”.