‘Is nothing sacred?’: Son’s disgust over theft from his dad’s graveside

A Louth man has spoken of his disgust after a new vase on his father’s grave was stolen.

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Paul Vickers explained that recent months have been difficult enough for him and his family, as his father died just before the first national lockdown was imposed - meaning that his funeral was amongst the first to be affected by the restrictions.

Speaking to the Leader last week, Paul said: “Are there no depths that some people won’t stoop to?

“I visited my father’s grave at Louth Cemetery yesterday, (January 18). He passed away just prior to the lockdown last March, so we were among the first families to have to adhere to the new lockdown funeral rulings. Difficult in itself. There were but nine mourners at a small grave-side service.

“There was then the inevitable delay in getting a headstone erected due to backlogs but it was put in place around November.

“The past 12 months have been difficult times for all with financial hardship hitting many, but why did someone think it appropriate to steal the new vase from father’s headstone and replace it with a dilapidated old one that had no top to it?

“The culprit must have a friend or relative at the cemetery as the vase has little or no use other than to be in place with a headstone.

“I hope that the person(s) responsible are proud of their unforgivable actions and that they dined out - without choking too much - on the money they saved by pinching our new vase.

“They should hang their heads in shame. Is nothing sacred anymore?”

Paul added that his dad’s grave could not have been knocked off or damaged by accident, as the grave is set back from the footpath.

He has reported the theft to Lincolnshire Police, who told the Leader: “We are saddened by this crime.

“Whoever swapped the vase and replaced it with an older one will have caused the family distress.

“Anyone who knows anything about this is asked to call us or speak to the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.”

• Call Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 113 of January 20, if you have any information