Jail for ‘prolific shoplifter’ who committed 10 crimes in a month

A ‘prolific shoplifter’ whose repeated thefts were having an impact on the local community has been sentenced to 49 weeks in prison.
Jailed - Nathan Lewis.Jailed - Nathan Lewis.
Jailed - Nathan Lewis.

Nathan Lewis, 23, of Scarborough Avenue, Skegness, carried out his first offence in the East Lindsey area in the second week of October, with the other nine following over the next four weeks.

Lincolnshire Police say he stole chocolate, coffee, washing powder, clothing, meat, alcohol, and toys with a combined value more than £1,100.

According to police, they collated and presented evidence that he had breached his CBO along with the charges of theft to the court.

This enabled them to amend the CBO so Lewis will not be permitted to enter any retail premises in East Lindsey to help prevent further offences being committed.

Alongside this work, the local officers met with business owners to discuss the impact of the thefts and offer crime prevention advice, and they also worked closely with the town CCTV team at East Lindsey District Council, plus partners and support services at other agencies.

Lewis was arrested by officers from Skegness Patrol in Burgh Road, Skegness in mid-November, and arrested and investigated for further offences whilst he was in Skegness custody.

He was eventually charged with 10 shop thefts and pleaded guilty to all offences at a hearing at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on November 16.

At the hearing, Lewis also had the conditions of a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) altered to mean he is not permitted to enter any retail premises in East Lindsey, with the exception of Morrisons in Wainfleet Road, Skegness. He was originally given the two-year order on 7 July 2022. This order will remain in place when he released from prison.

A CBO is a civil order designed to tackle the most serious and persistent anti-social individuals where their behaviour has brought them before a criminal court. If the CBO is breached, this is a criminal offence and a custodial sentence can be enforced, or changes can made to the order.

PC Simon Garside from the Integrated Offender Manager Unit (IOMU) said: "Lewis is prolific shoplifter who was committing offences daily at numerous locations in Skegness. He already had a Criminal Behaviour Order imposed on him which covered begging in Lincoln City Centre, but we knew we needed to get this altered to protect the local community, as well as get him before a court to answer for his latest thefts."He was committing offences faster than we could gather evidence, which is a process that we have to take a methodical approach with to ensure that it stands up in court. Officers from Response and NPT worked together to pull as much of a case together as we could and he was sentenced to 49 weeks with a variation on his CBO to protect retail premises from become a victim of crime.

"We hope that this time in prison will lead to change for Lewis, and that it will come as a relief to the places he targeted."