Left B&B without paying bill

A Louth man who left an Alford B&B without paying his bill, has been conditionally discharged by magistrates in Boston.

Peter Corbett, 34, of Stockwith Drive, who admitted obtaining the services of a B&B dishonestly, was

said to have stayed at the Anchor Inn in Alford with his partner on the night of March 4, but his attempt to

pay by debit card was rejected when he came to pay his bill of £80.

Prosecution, Marie Stace said Corbett told the staff at the Anchor Inn that he would go and get the cash

from an ATM, but he never returned and also took the room key with him, which meant the lock had to be


Corbett, who was not represented in court, told the magistrates that an unexpected withdrawal from his

account meant there was no money to pay the hotel and also he could not get any money from the ATM.

He said he had rung a friend but could not get the money to pay.

“I accept I should have gone back but I was embarrassed,” he told the court. “I will pay it off if I get the


The magistrates conditionally discharged him for 12 months and ordered him to pay compensation of £98

to the Anchor Inn and £22 in court charges.