Lincolnshire man is fined after police found him with a firearm

A man found shooting pigeons with an air rifle was already banned for life from possessing a firearm, a court has heard.

Court news
Court news

Jason Reeve, 49, of Middlecott Close, Boston, admitted possessing a loaded air weapon in public and possessing a firearm when prohibited for life, when he appeared at the town’s magistrates court.

Prosecuting, Darren Young said Lincolnshire 
Police were called to the Woodville Road, 40 Bank area at 7.30am on April 12, where they found Reeve with a loaded air rife and ammunition and he told them he 
had gone there to shoot pigeons.

He said Reeve had served 42 months in prison and was therefore prohibited for life from possessing a firearm.

Mr Young said Reeve told police he had been told he was banned for five years, not life.

Mitigating, Anita Toal said Reeve had ‘an extensive record’ but that apart from the theft of a pedal cycle in 2019, he had not been in trouble since his prison sentence in 2004.

She said he was working with ‘We Are With You’ and was on a methadone prescription.

She said he shot pigeons for relaxation and had gone early in the morning as he didn’t think there would be anyone else there.

She added that the witness had said he did not feel threatened at all by him.

The magistrates fined Reeve £40 and ordered him to pay a total of £119 in court costs and charges.